Responding to Life in the Moment

Pause.  Think.  Listen.  Pray.

Sometimes we find ourselves overloaded with thoughts, feelings, spiritual movements, etc. that cause a certain sense of disorientation in the midst of our daily lives.

Sometimes our daily lives prevent us from truly hearing God and having the ability to process what God has given us to understand.

During my current season of life, I have to admit that these four words have become disciplines in of themselves and in essence have become cornerstones of who I am.  In a different season of my life I might have told you that these four actions may been easy to attain and master.  However, I’ve learned that these may be the hardest practices I’ve been learning.

Purposeful actions to reorient my speed.

Mindful thinking to reshape my thought processes.

A careful ear to hear the whispers of directions and guidance amongst the seeming busyness of life.

The intention to commune with God, immersing myself in all He desires of me.

In the moments that you are stretched the most, in the moments that things seem most distant – these four disciplines can help refocus the mind.  However, this is not to say that these four practices will make things better in the moment – experience has taught me that, like most spiritual disciplines, they work best over time rather than applied just in the moment.  The point is to use the spiritual disciplines as response mechanisms rather than just actions – let them work for you instead you working for them.

The season may be hard (or easy for that matter) but the integration of spiritual disciplines in our response structure may well make the difference from which lens – good or bad – we view and interpret the movements of our lives.

Pause.  Think.  Listen.  Pray.

How are you responding today, to the season of life you’re in?