Quick Bites: The Effect of Smartphones on Relationships

Think your smartphone is keeping you closer to your friends?  Be cautious.

While phones may help us stay close to those who are far away, do they help us stay close to those near us?  One researcher says that smartphones tear us away from our physical relationships with disastrous communicative effects.  Not only that but the placement of smartphones in our lives create unnecessary idols that overpower our awareness of ‘important’ situations.

Via The Daily Mail:

‘Mobile phones are a part of our consumer culture,’ Dr [James] Roberts [of of the Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business] said.

‘They are not just a consumer tool, but are used as a status symbol.

‘They’re also eroding our personal relationships,’ he added.

Read the article here – it’s definitely a topic would worth continuing to explore as technology shifts the way we engage relationships and communicate with others.