The Power That Each Word Sows

There are sad days and then there are heartbreaking days. Today was one of those heartbreaking ones where my belief system was put to test based on one person’s words.

Not on the words of Christ, God incarnate in human form, but it’s on the words of a fellow believer that I question if I belong, I question if I believe what I believe.

The words above do not represent what I believe but how do I tell this to friends and family who may not know Christ and see this come from such a place of ‘authority’? How do I claim to believe in the same savior as such a wrong and counter worldview posits?

These words do not represent what many other Christians believe. Yet, here we are. You, me and Mark Driscoll. We live in a country – in a world – in a faith maligned by the words that come from our mouths.

Let me be clear: what I say is not mutually exclusive to one individual but largely relevant to all of us, no one excluded:

As Christians we can be our own worst enemies, if we allow ourselves to indulge self-reliance.

Those are strong words and it pains me to write something as strong but it’s true. In certain situations we put in so much effort trying to fit God into our own personal container that our maligned beliefs inherently erase the nature of Christ and redemption he brings to the world. When Christ called his disciples he did not ask us to fit his life into our own. He wants our life to become a part of His own.

We fall prey to the temptation of pride when it comes to how we allow our thoughts and words to govern our hearts. It’s in this place that we forgo the trust of God and put the trust in blind pride. I see this so often in our use, as believers, to communicate not just to each other but to the world. We believe we’ve tamed the tongue, on our own accord, and then speak in the name of Christ. We must remember that “no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison” (James 3:7-8).

I’ve ruined friendships, created chaos, and sowed hurt all based on what’s come out of my mouth all because I believed that I alone had control. While I want to believe I’ve also done good with my habits of speech, I full-well know the power of chaos that all words can sow.

If you have the choice between saying something and saying nothing (which we all do) – please, I implore you, say nothing. Say nothing until you truly test your words with God and against scripture.

Hearts and souls hang in the balance.