I love trying new technology – sometimes I get hooked, sometimes I don’t.  I recently re-discovered Foursquare when I upgraded my phone and have been hooked ever since then.  When I try new technologies and adopt them into my lifestyle, I tend to play social anthropologist when it comes to observing how technology intertwines with normal communication habits.

One thing I’ve discovered with Foursquare is that people LOVE to check-in to places, events, and even snowstorms.  Yes, you heard me right – snowstorms but more appropriately any natural (or un-natural) event by adding the suffixes -pocalypse, or -mageddon.  In this case, a snowstorm becomes “snow-mageddon” or “snow-pocalypse”.

Evidently, as the Economist reports, these ‘words’ have been named some of the top words of the year by the American Dialect Society.


For me the use of this ‘word’ crossed a line when I found out people were checking into ‘New Year’s Eve-pocalypse’ on December 31st.  Now, I’m not one to overly berate a point but REALLY?

We’re losing our imaginations, folks – we’re losing our sense of originality, not even mentioning the other words on our list.

Let’s get our imaginations back – let’s reclaim our sense of innovation.  Let’s not be afraid for calling things what they are, even if it’s the same old thing that we’ve called it for years.  Call me crazy but sometimes the way things are, actually work.

But, if we have to change things, can we at least not make things seem like impending doom is around every corner?