The Hardest Motion

The world is constantly changing.

People are classified as ‘movers and shakers’.

“I’m constantly on the go”.


These are are three quick thoughts that come to mind when I think about how the concept of movement influences my daily life.  So much of life is influenced by the constant goings on of daily life that you would think that the entirety of time is constantly advancing, changing under our feet.

Yet there are times that I look at all of that movement and wonder what progress I’ve made.  I wonder what progress, if any, that we’ve made as a collective of creative beings when I read about the hurt and discrimination that spreads through our world.

I wonder, given all of the time, if we’re any different as a world than what Adam and Eve experienced that day after their temptation.  Are we getting any closer to the God that we crave intently for or are we merely changing how things are without moving forward with intent?

There is this difference of lateral change (what I would call faux ‘growth’ that changes things on a cosmetic and verbal level without actual movement) and forward change (movement that propels us past where we are while at the same time changing things to better position ourselves and others).

When it comes to bringing effective change – to ourselves, to others, to the world – we have to recognize this difference and ask ourselves ‘is what I’m doing actually positioning me for real change’.  Or are we really saying ‘I’m just mixing things up enough to make it look like I’m moving forward’?

Moving forward and bringing real change either to ourselves or the world sucks.  It hurts, sometimes it doesn’t feel good, and often we won’t see the full results for a long time.  This is probably why a lot of us, first and foremost myself, don’t always choose this route.  Moving and pressing forward does not rest in what can be tangibly seen but is an act of faith that God will deliver on his promises while we act in concert with the Holy Spirit, walking into the unknown.

Change by itself is superficial unless it’s accompanied by a forward motion that moves us into unknown territories – stretching and testing, making room for the new.

But then, at the end, it remains a choice: will you choose to live in a state of moving forward or will you choose the simplicity of comfort?  Will I choose a life that I know or will I choose a potentially better life that I can’t see?