Lent – Preparation for Renewal

During Lent we remember the silence that the cross beckoned.  For the disciples, life turned from revelry to a season of silence and reflection of their hopes, dreams, and future hanging on a cross.

Lent brings us back to the practice of silence and reflection and in the midst of different seasons of our lives we stop to find Jesus where he’s been all this time – with us and preparing the way:

In the silence let me hear you.
In the silence help me find rest and be renewed in anticipation.
In the silence wash me in your presence.
In the silence allow my heart to feel and be transformed.
In the silence open my eyes.
In the silence show me hope.
In the silence let me find you at the cross.

The greatness of the story of the cross is that though silence falls, new celebration comes piercing our hearts with hope, renewal, and new beginnings.

Embrace the silence that the cross brings and prepare your heart for the coming season – the presence of silence is deafening but its rewards are saturating, promising to heal the brokenhearted and push forth renewal.