Let’s Do This Together

If any of us are truly serious about bringing God’s love and hope to this world, we need to first get over ourselves and then join hands building something together. The only way to create true change is doing it together, putting aside our selfish ambitions – in relationships, at work, in our churches, in our communities, in our hearts, with God…

The only true way to bring effective change is through the denial of the self and embracing the radical concept of community.

One person can maybe make a dent but can you imagine what could be accomplished when we face the difficulties in this world together and not alone?

I need you and you need me.

Believe it – God gave us all different gifts and skills to leverage against one another – I think there was that one piece of wisdom saying “let iron sharpen iron”.  We’ve spent so much time believing that this is about what “I” can do for me and not about what “We” can do for others that the focus of our lives has become deformed, maligned, and malformed.


We were not made to encounter life alone.  Change will not be found unless we’re in it together.  We cannot approach God’s kingdom unless we join with him and with each other bringing love and grace to this broken world.


Stop trying to be a super-man and start being a brother – a sister, picking the other up so both can be destined for success.

This world is not our alone – the responsibility is shared and the work must be done together.  Let me start – what can I do for you?