To think that the thoughts of one man could be contained within a blog is absurd. To think that one’s thoughts and opinion are worthy of being read by others is contrary as well.

Who is Tim Bogus?

I’m a thinker, visionary, and funny man – or at least something inbetween. I hope you’ll join the conversation.

Or at least that’s my dream.  We’re all people on a journey and I hope to share mine with you in this space.

When I’m not blogging, I’m enjoying living in the greatest city in the world – New York, if you had to ask – eating some of the best BBQ around and hanging out with friends, living life.

Feel free to look me up on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

About This Blog

I used to blog at Bogopolis.com where the topic du jour was the crazy, zany, and odd.  My personality has expanded and a bigger container for my thoughts was needed.  While you can still view the old posts since before 2003, I’m still dreaming about what Bogopolis can be in the future.

tim:bogus strips away all pretense and is a playground where I can experiment with different topics and engage my readers.  Think of it as a place where ideas come alive – or die – where conversations are started or continued – where life is winnowed down to the basics and an attempt to share the funness and thoughtful moments of life happens.

A Man and His Blog