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Humanity’s Last Chance: Stephen Colbert

That’s right: When humanity is destroyed Stephen T. Colbert will be able to resurrect humanity, single handedly with his own DNA, at least according to a story on CNN.com

In October, Stephen – or as his friends call him: Steve – will send his DNA or at least a digital reproduction of it into space.

“In the unlikely event that Earth and humanity are destroyed, mankind can be resurrected with Stephen Colbert’s DNA”, the article claims and continues that “The host of “The Colbert Report” will essentially be preserved so that aliens can clone him.”

While we applaud this decision and are ardent fans of Mr. Colbert’s journalistic work, we must question whether Steve is the most appropriate individual to serve as the ‘savior’ of mankind and perhaps Mr. Colbert’s ego has truly outgrown this world.

CNN.com: Colbert’s DNA to be shot into space

What did you say about lipstick? :: The Ten Commandments of talking about politics

A lot of us (including myself) have deep passions for two abstractly different topics: Politics and Religion. While they are inextricably interlinked, I believe and agree with the opinion that sometimes we (again, including myself) get overly passionate about these two topics, when discussed together and often times step over boundaries of love and respect that shouldn’t be crossed. (To be clear: I’m lumping myself into this dosage of humble advice.)

Bogopolis.com is happy to pass onto to you: The Ten Commandments of Talking (or blogging) Politics.

Bogopolis encourages you to vote with your heart – but do please vote this season – if you don’t, you don’t have the right to complain.

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“We’re Just Moving Home”

Those were the words uttered during a worship service, I attended yesterday evening, at my old campus ministry CCF on Thursday night.

Most years, Thursday would have been an evening to celebrate the end of the school, new graduates, and the coming of spring. On Thursday evening, however, dozens of classmates and friends gathered to say goodbye to a location – but a not the family – that gave so much to so many people.

CCF will be moving in two weeks to a new location – the new location is only a few blocks from the current location.  The experience provided some interesting perspective on what a building or a piece of property should mean to a gathering of Christ Followers.
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Kudos to Northwest Airlines

Flew NorthWest Airlines home to Indiana and will fly again back to NYC on Monday.

As most of you know, I’m a fan of JetBlue for the customer service they provide on their flights. However, kudos are due to NorthWest – they gave me a full can of soda on my morning flight out of LGA. I got no pretzels or peanuts, but the full can of soda was a step up from previous flights with them and other ‘traditional’ airlines.

Here’s to happier passengers and return business for the struggling airlines.

Indiana Saturdays

It seems lately – that I’ve been wearing my IU t-shirt around on Saturdays – no matter where I’m going.

It’s funny, being away from all my friends and family back there, that wearing a t-shirt would be bring back so many warm thoughts.

I didn’t go to IU – but I only lived a half-hour from the epicenter. All of my siblings went there – but I did not – I guess I was the rebel in the family.

I’m going back home this week – Thursday to be exact -it should be a ‘fun’ experience. I’m looking forward to seeing my college friends, but most important my family. It seems that I forget – sometimes – how hard it is to survive without them.

Bogopolis Twitter Feed and Life Updates

Hi Friends – chances are those of you looking at this are dear friends who love what I write. Things have been slow – but there are many good reasons for that…

There are some things that I’ve been putting my energy into that have required me to step back from my blog… I don’t have time for everything, but you’ll hear some news on here in the near future…

in the meantime – Hop over to Twitter and check out my Twitter feedupdated (almost) daily!

Also – My Google Feed is regularly updated with select posts from blogs I read.

And, of course, I’m still on FaceBook.

Take care all, more soon.