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Nation of Hate?

I recently sat in a Starbucks on a Sunday morning and tears started to well up in my eyes.

Why you ask?  Did I lose someone, did something happen to me, was there a wrong committed?

Not exactly.  I got emotional while reading the latest political news.

The news.

While I sat there here’s what was stuck in my head:

“When did we become a nation of hate?”

‘People were pepper sprayed in Kansas City last night.

At a political rally.

Pepper spray was used against demonstrators protesting violent and undeniable hate filled rhetoric.’

Why was this necessary?
When did we lose the ability to demonstrate peacefully?
When did we lose the ability to simply agree to disagree?

Why is the natural response to one side of hate just another form of hate?

While this hate begets hate (or violence begets violence) mentality is something that has been simmering in our country for a while now, my mind can’t comprehend the hate that is being spewed in politics anymore – and this is coming from someone who fashions himself a political junkie.

But what truly gets me the most emotional is this:

The hate we’re talking about during this year’s presidential race is not new.  It’s become inherent and intrinsic to the fabric of our communal presence.

It’s become almost normal.

It’s spoken on the airwaves and we’ve all seen it fill our Facebook feeds.  This is the same hate that is present in A LOT of church pulpits on Sundays (whether spoken or unspoken).

This is the same hate that has manifested itself in countless police shootings over the past two years – in Ferguson, in Cleveland, on Staten Island.

This is the same hate that turns LGBTQ children into homeless refugees.

This is the same hate that we’ve refused to name for such a long time for fear of ‘upsetting’ people.

This is the same hate that many of us have refused to stand up against.

I don’t want to tell people how to vote this year but my prayer, my plea, is that we don’t allow hate to win.  I also hope that we push back against hate in our speech and actions.

Don’t let hate be THE voice of ‘reason’ in your mind.  Please, please don’t we cannot confuse disagreement with hate.  As a nation, we hold contempt and hate people we don’t even know — we use definitive and declarative language that leaves no room for civil disagreement.

I’ve seen lives ruined because we we believe that hate can be isolated from the rest of our lives but that is not so.  We’ve confused hate for civil disagreement (because I do believe that we can disagree with one another without tearing the fabric of our lives apart).

We’re losing sight of the teaching power that disagreement can bring.

It’s not easy but it can be done.

Hate is bigger than one person.  I don’t want to admit it but hate can be as communal as love.

If we let it.

And I think that’s why we’re seeing hate at such widespread levels; we’re letting hate become our mouthpiece.

We simply cannot allow hate to fill our world; we must resist the spread of hate into every response, every thought and every action.

We need to spread more love.

The Week Ahead – March 5th

Fun things are happening this week – not necessarily in my life but rather in the life of the things I like.  Here’s a preview of what’s on my radar:

Tuesday – Super Tuesday: I’m politics junkie unfortunately and it’s been a really great primary season.

Wednesday – The iPad 3 will probably be announced as well as the Apple TV (?).  Also, I’ll hopefully be going to the Nets/Clippers game at the Prudential Center to watch Blake Griffin.

Thursday – This is the deadline for Peyton Manning’s bonus option renewal with the Colts.  Will he stay with the Colts?  I think so but not with the same contract.

Saturday – I’m going to hit up the Greenwich Village Country Club; it should be a hoot – indoor mini-golf and bocce ball, here I come!  All in NYC.

PSA: Serve because you have so much to give

Serve because you have so much to give.
Even though September 27th was designated a day of National Action doesn’t mean we can’t get to the party late.

A lot of us have a lot to give back and yet we choose not to give (as much as we could). Bogopolis believes in a world of serving, a world of giving back – because, quite frankly, we (I) have been give so much.

Step up in this time of uncertainty and give back to those that don’t have as much as you do.

Imagine the enormous difference it would make to our communities and nation if every American served for a year with a community-service group, nonprofit enterprise or faith-based organization.

This month we’re introducing in the Senate the Serve America Act, which provides funding and incentives for service programs, so that as many people as possible can serve at any or every stage of their lives. We want to make it feasible for many to devote a year or more to service. We’ve already seen lives change as Americans give their time and talents to service organizations. But we know much more could be done. It’s time to encourage many more Americans to roll up their sleeves and volunteer in communities at home and abroad. Americans across the nation are beginning to answer this call, devoting one year or more to volunteer service and, in the process, changing the world.
Time Magazine: Senators Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch

What did you say about lipstick? :: The Ten Commandments of talking about politics

A lot of us (including myself) have deep passions for two abstractly different topics: Politics and Religion. While they are inextricably interlinked, I believe and agree with the opinion that sometimes we (again, including myself) get overly passionate about these two topics, when discussed together and often times step over boundaries of love and respect that shouldn’t be crossed. (To be clear: I’m lumping myself into this dosage of humble advice.)

Bogopolis.com is happy to pass onto to you: The Ten Commandments of Talking (or blogging) Politics.

Bogopolis encourages you to vote with your heart – but do please vote this season – if you don’t, you don’t have the right to complain.

See Also: Vote Because Others Can’t

Vote Because Others Can’t – A call to action

Will you vote this November?

Should you this November?

Bogopolis.com thinks so – I believe greatly that voting isn’t just an opportunity but something that our country has been built on for generations.

So many times my generation (gen x, millenium, gen y, etc.) neglects the opportunity to vote – I’d like to think that this election will be different.

So here you go:

If you live in New York State: The deadline to register to vote is October 10th – Register @ Rock The Vote

If you live in Indiana: The deadline to register to vote is October 6th – Register @ Rock The Vote

Other States: Rcokt The Vote State by State Deadlines.

Update – FaceBook Events:
Show your action by joining the FaceBook group:
Vote Because Others Can’t – Indiana
Vote Because Others Can’t – New York

This is what I’m talking about:

Red-Letter Christians:

This movement was initiated by authors Tony Campolo and Jim Wallis who felt the Religious Right spend too much time on two issues: abortion and homosexuality. They believe Christians should be promoting biblical values such as peace, building strong families, the elimination of poverty, and other important social issues.

Something new? I don’t think so.

Updated: to add video from The Colbert Report.