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The Angels’ Song

There in the beginning, did you hear the sound of darkness?
There in the beginning, did you hear the angels sing?

In the beauty of  creation, in God’s mighty hand

He was formed and envisioned, to be our one salvation

He lived a life of righteousness

You gave us your love

There in the beginning, did you sense the fall of darkness?
There in the beginning, did you sense the angels’ pain?

At the time of salvation, we nailed Him to a cross

His blood and spirit poured onto the earth you created

We broke our promises and turned our backs

Yet He showed us love

Now at the beginning, do you see the new sun dawning?
Now at the beginning, do you hear the angels’ song?

At the time of darkness, in our lonely state

You remind us of your promises;
in resurrection you’re here to stay

You give us hope and meaning

And in this we find your love

Were you there in the beginning when the angels sang?
Did you hear the angels singing? Do you hear the angels’ song?

We accept the image you gave us setting aside our selfishness

In the beauty of your creation, we are formed and molded

Surrendered to your love

Surrendered to your love

Second Chances – Processing Errors in Relationships

404 and other errors online are infamous.  Whether it’s the Twitter ‘fail whale’ or the Google ‘broken robot’ we’ve all encountered the online error pages.  But what about the opposite?  How do we translate our offline ‘errors’?  Do we build something constructive or do we simply show a blank screen?

I just watched a TED conversation by Renny Gleeson who made a great correlation to personal communication and relational development: “A simple mistake can tell me what you aren’t.  Or remind me why I love you”.

When you make a mistake or encounter a relational dead end – do you simply present a blank screen or do you engage the messiness of life and become a better person remind people who you truly are, beyond the mess?

Check out the TED talk and tell me what you think – how do you manage the messy parts of your life?