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A Rite of Passage for a Man: Part 1

Growing up, I remember being eager for my Dad to get his Columbia House subscription – in his ‘spam box’ (the snail mail kind – for those of you who have forgotten about the the United States Postal Service, aka the Federal snail mail provider). Columbia House, back in that day, allowed you to buy cassette tapes and VHS tapes for cheap prices (the trick was that they locked you into buying a bunch of overpriced stuff in the end). I remember looking at the color graphics and ‘fantasizing’ about the day that I would receive my own Columbia House subscription request in the mail.

Well, yesterday, that day came. In my mailbox for Apartment C1, addressed to me was an envelope from Columbia House that said:

Is Timothy in the mood for Love?

… or Laughs? …or Action? …or Adventure?

This time they’re selling DVDs, which I have to admit is a relief, because I’m not sure where I would play a cassette or VHS tape – but for me this is a rite of passage – something that bridges the expanse of time and connects me to my childhood – the much more mature time of my life.

Not sure what I’ll buy – if anything. The two pages of DVD stamps that I have to send back is very cumbersome and I would think by now they would have graduated to self-adhesive stamps, but for now I am relishing in this link to my past and I hope it brings many good things to come.

Movie Night: Close to Home

Hey friends. Many of you from Indiana or anywhere outside NYC have wondered for almost two years now, what it is exactly that I came out here to do in New York City – well let me show you:

The video is almost a year old, and things have changed a lot since then (I’ve lost some weight for example… Ok, it’s all about me…). Forefront is an awesome church I’m proud to be a part of out here, albeit in a small way. I do enjoy waking up on Sunday mornings and volunteering in anyway possible to help the church out.


New York City-isms

The Courtesy Scoot
Occurs when one’s train arrives in the station allowing others behind said person to get in line for a spot on the always crowded train.

The Courtesy Step-Back
Action taken when arriving train is not one’s chosen train. This action allows others behind said person to step forward and enter their arrived train without conflict.

Not following these unspoken rules of engagement in New York City could result in missed trains, pushed shoulders, and/or personal space violations.


I’ve been trying to come up a funny post title to describe this post all day… After Watching the an undisclosed movie, I came up with the title (see below).

First, though, some runners-up for this blog post’s headlines.

Runner’s Up:

The Little Umbrella That Could
Is this what Noah felt like?
Row, row, row your Boat…
– seriously actual idea.

The Winner:


The idea came after watching a brief snippet of the movie Day After Tomorow:

Photos Courtesy of MSNBC.com

Ok, the nor’ Easter isn’t that bad, but…

Oh the irony…

Happy Daylight Savings Time!!! (Three weeks early, thanks to a 2005 injunction by the United States, closely followed by the unofficial 51st – 60th states.

Yesterday, the first day of Daylight Savings Time, I woke up for my Sunday morning ritual and as I left – I couldn’t find my watch, it wasn’t in any of the obvious spots (nightstand, coffee table, microwave, kitchen counter, bookshelf), so I just gave up on it for the time being. When I got home I searched everywhere – I think I even opened the oven and the refrigerator just to make sure I didn’t put it one of those ‘obvious’ places everyone should first check. I finally gave up and resigned to the fact that I would have to buy a new watch.

After six years with the watch, I realized that we were going to have part ways.

But wait – As I began to make my bed for the evening – I found the watch! After a day without it, my watch and I were reunited.

Oh the irony of losing my watch on Daylight Savings Time!

The silence of a lifetime…

I love my friends, all of them, including you!

Sometimes, though it’s real hard to get in contact with the people I care about. With my schedule, nowadays (see earlier post), their schedules, time differences, missed calls, mis-interpretations, etc it seems impossible to contact anybody anymore.

Today’s society puts too much focus on instant communication. Take my office for example, we use IM to ‘talk’ to other people in the office, very funnny.

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? How is it that people communicated ‘back in the day’ (and by ‘back in the day’ I mean 1969 or even farther say the 1800s)? Did you know that when Neil Armstrong gave his famous speech on the moon that there was a 7-10 second delay from the time he first spoke to the time the world first heard those immortal words…. Not now. There’s almost instantaneous communication with the Space station thanks to satellites and such…

How about in the 1700s?? What was it? ‘One if by land, two if by sea.’ ala Paul Revere or something like that.

What I’m trying to say, I guess, is that it’s alright if you don’t call me right back. I know you still love me just the same. (That’s right… Everybody loves ‘The Bogus’).

Bear with me, will you? We shouldn’t expect instantaneous communication in this ‘microwave society’. Let’s embrace this time and the time we can share as friends. Let’s enjoy this more relaxed stance together.

Just call me back, and I’ll do the same. 🙂

College Memories

On the eve marking the beginning of my second year away from college, I thought I would try to dispell some of the rumors:

Yes: I really did have long, red, curly hair in college.

No:It really didn’t get 505 degrees in Bedford, the summer in between my freshman and sophomore years, but yes that is not a photoshop, it is the “real deal”.

Recently unsealed documents from the vault, include many abnormal scary revelations.

Somehow, I don’t think this helped me any…

Left-Handed Clicker

That’s right.  Even though I’m right-handed, I noticed tonight that i sometimes click (the remote) with my left hand.  How weird is that?  I’ve never noticed myself using any other hand other than my right hand.  I feel like I need to go to the Leftorium or something.

I remember when I was a kid, I would always try to train myself to be left-handed.  I remember how I thought it was cool to be left-handed or at least different.  I guess some of that training actually came through for me.

Share your left-handed stories below…