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Negativity breeds Negativity. Positivity breeds _______________?

This should be a no-brainer. But in all honestly, I’m pretty sure that we don’t get it.  I’m pretty sure that I don’t get it.

There’s an interesting habit in human nature.  We mimic the behavior around us.

I don’t want to sound like I’m excluding myself from this classification.  I wonder, though, if we truly understand the implications of how our actions rub off on those around us?

Do we understand the implications of our moods on others?

Do I understand the implications of my attitude on others?

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Tip of My Hat: Fewer Umbrellas On the Street This Season

Friends of Bogopolis.  I could not help but notice that there were fewer umbrellas on the street this afternoon as the snow fell in Midtown Manhattan.  I cannot help but think that my wisdom is finally being heard.

Umbrellas do not belong on the street during snowy weather.

Snowy weather is why God gave us the brilliant fashion accessory – the scarf!  Resist the temptation to use an umbrella this season.  Instead bundle up and enjoy the snow!

You know one reason why we shouldn’t use umbrellas in snowy weather?  Try catching a snowflake underneath an umbrella!  Pretty hard, isn’t it?

Enjoy the snow, New York
.  It’s a great early Christmas present to all New Yorkers!

That red nosed, cross-eyed guy

OK – I’ve been slightly flummoxed lately.  In a span of one week (7 days), two complete strangers that I struck up conversation with pointed out two somewhat overly noticeable physical characteristics that I’m already painfully aware of.

I don’t why but this might possibly the single weirdest thing that has ever happened in my life.  I have never had this happen before.

I mean, I’ve had good friends point these things out to me – sometimes in jest, sometimes in frank seriousness – but never has it been two random strangers adding it to the conversation like that.

Wow – I guess you really never know what you’re going to get in New York City (and that’s probably why I love the City so much!)…

Very Weird.

Midwest Things I took for granted

I’ve lived in New York City for awhile now and there are things that I love to reminisce about and long for that I simply took for granted when I lived back home in Indiana.

• Wal-Mart: say what you want about their labor practices and everything else but there will always be a place in my heart for the wonderful one-stop mega (and cheap) store that is Wal-Mart.
• Sonic Breakfast Burritos: Even though I only ate a few in my lifetime in the midwest I miss them greatly as I watch commercials on TV
• Chick-Fil-A: Yeah, I’m sorry but the one at NYU just doesn’t cut it for me; yeah, I know, I haven’t been, although they don’t screen for student IDs
• Arby’s: there used to be one in the City but, alas, no more horsey sauce for New Yorkers.
• All-You-Can-Eat (Chinese) Buffets: There was one in every town and I miss the variety.
• Free Drink Refills: It’s a blessed treat when you find a restaurant with free refills in the City.

What do you miss from your home-town area that you don’t have where you live now?

Life changes in the works…

Hi friends – this is a very ‘catchy’ headline with little substance, unfortunately.

As I’m sure you’ve seen – things have been slow for some time, on Bogopolis.com. There are a lot of things that have been floating through my head for sometime now – I’m working through a lot of life thoughts and feelings…

I’m considering some options right now that have the potential to change a lot of aspects of my life (school, job, location, vocation, etc.) – I’ve been trying to spend time focusing on these things and clear my mind – that’s one reason I flew home to Indiana for an extended weekend.

Bear with me, as I work through the clutter – I’m hoping to be able to come to conclusions in the next month or so and share them with you, but I’d love for you to be praying for me (if praying isn’t your cup of tea, then just knowing that you were thinking about me would be a wonderful thought with me…).

Those of you who read this, are my closest friends and family – knowing that you’re with me is an amazing encouragement.

You all are awesome – stay cool!


It takes a brave man…

It takes a brave man to admit the following:

SpongBob SquarePants is sadistically, addictive television program.

I was at the laundromat this morning, dropping off my laundry, as per usual, when I noticed that SpongeBob was on. I’ve always thought SpongeBob was a funny show for kids – I can make that assessment because I’m a kid at heart – but I’ve always considered it a very annoying television show.

My friend Perry, from college, has always considered SpongeBob something of evil – I’m beginning to believe him.